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Renovated interior door panels for Lancia Beta Coupe, HPE, Spider...

In last year we got many phone calls and e-mails for our costumers who were looking for any solution regarding interior door and rear side panels for all types and series of Lancia Beta (Coupe, Spider, HPE, Trevi, Berlina...).
Since new ones are becoming almost impossible to find and used ones are not anymore in perfect condition (as normal for 30+ years old car) we decided to solve this issue.
Our experienced team is able to repair the used door or rear interior panels and end result is "as new".
We'll use your used panels - all you need to do is:

Fiat DOHC Lampredi engines

Fiat Lampredi Twin-cam  engine: the most successful engine in the history of the World Rally Championship
I think this is a good point to start writing about this great engine designed by genius engine designer Aurelio Lampredi.
This 4 cylinder DOHC, inline engine was very advanced for it's time and it was widely used in different Fiat group cars from 1966 to 2000.

Fiat 126

Fiat 126 italian mini

The Fiat 126 was first presented on Turin Auto Show as a replacement for the Fiat 500. Most of them were produced in southern Poland as the Polski Fiat 126p (added letter »p«). The 126 got many mechanical solutions from Fiat 500. Both cars are rear-engined and it sharing same wheelbase. 126 has »modern« bodyshell, we might call it scaled-down Fiat 127.